US v. Brazil Player Ratings

After some reflection on the game, here are my ratings for the game:

  • Tim Howard – 7 – Not a lot our best keeper could do today. The goals weren’t soft or any fault of his.
  • Jonathan Bornstein – 3.5 – He made a few tackles here and there, but mostly spent his time woefully out of position. He’s quick and speedy, but hasn’t really shown that he offers more than those two attributes.
  • Jay DeMerit – 5.5 – Good performance from Jay. This is probably the extent of what he can do for the Nats though, as he looks pretty far off the pace and talent level of the Brazilians (and even his teammate Onyewu).
  • Oguchi Onyewu – 6.5 – One of his better performances actually. The midfield was such a mess in front of him, though, that you just didn’t get to notice it. He’s turned into a consistent force in the back.
  • Jonathan Spector – 6 – He would have gotten a higher mark except for the poor defending on the header goal. All in all, though, he played well and is one of the few players that manages to show poise and composure on the ball at all times. He should be a starter from here on out.
  • Sacha Kljestan – 2 – Dismal. Disastrous. All words that can describe this performance aptly. He gives the ball away constantly and defends no better than a training cone. The red card, while possible a bit harsh, was probably deserved on that rash challenge.
  • Michael Bradley – 6 – Mikey did his best to cover for his midfield partner, but that meant he had to cover a ridiculous amount of ground. Good, but not great, game.
  • Demarcus Beasley – 1 – Wow. Is this really the same guy that got all kinds of hype and accolades in the 2002 World Cup run? No touch, no positioning, no clue.
  • Landon Donovan – 5 – I’m underwhelmed by him so far. He makes 3-4 good runs that leave you thinking “Why doesn’t he do this more?”. But, his complete inability to hit a free kick and his lack of ability (or willingness) to take on a defender that is closing on him really hurt his rating. The Donovan show is trying my patience.
  • Clint Dempsey – 3 – The stupid flick pass says it all about Deuce. He doesn’t care about the team anymore, just about showboating for himself. Time for him to get the boot from the USMNT setup for a while.
  • Jozy Altidore – 5 – To be frank, it’s not his fault. We play a tactical game ill-suited for him and we constantly leave him alone up top. It’d be nice if we could work on moving the ball up the field and making use of his innate ability to make killer runs, rather than just kicking the ball aimlessly and hoping he gets fouled.
  • COACHING – 2 – Bradley deserves all the heat he gets for this performance. His 2 “moves” were to start Kljestan and Beasley – which ended in a red card and a halftime sub, respectively. Then, compounding his mistakes, he used Conor Casey in place of Beasley and showed his ineptitude at affecting a game with subs. It’s high time we fired Bradley and went in a new direction.
  • Conor Casey2 – 45 minutes of walking around it seemed, so much so that Captain Forever (John Harkes) was calling him out during the broadcast. In his defense, he didn’t belong on the field and shouldn’t have been used in the first place.
  • Benny Feilhaber – 5.5 – he continues to show that he deserves the starting spot alongside Bradley. Sure, he has some defensive lapses, but we desperately need his vision, creativity, and passing on the field.

2 Responses

  1. Hey man. I found my way over from NSC. I have to say that I completely agree with your player ratings and analysis of yesterdays game. At a certain point I begin to wonder just how seriously Bob Bradley is taking this tournament, when he sends out Klestjan over Torres, and Beasley over any one else. Is his objective to determine how bad some of our players are at this level? If so, mission accomplished. Congrats on the new blog.

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