Starting Lineup for the Egypt Game?

What team will show up on Sunday? Will it be new lineup in a new formation? Or the same ol’ Bradley lackeys?

Personally, I’m leaning toward some changes – both what I hope to see and what I expect to see.

First off, I figure Bradley won’t stray too much, though a few changes would seem to be in order. With Sacha Kljestan suspended, someone will step into a starting role in the midfield at least.

That being said, here’s what I think we’ll see from the US on Sunday:

Altidore      Davies

Adu                                 Donovan

Bradley            Feilhaber

Bornstein                                   Spector

DeMerit          Onyewu


Nothing terribly imaginative, but enough changes (Adu, Feilhaber, Davies) to appear different. It wouldn’t shock me if we give Brad Guzan a run-out in goal, as well possibly seeing Jose Torres instead of Freddy. Rico Clark is also a possibility, especially since Michael’s gas tank is probably running pretty low. But, I think this is a reasonably safe bet for Sunday’s contest.

Now, would I like to see anything different? Sure.

I’m ready for something different, so how about giving Landon the day off and bringing in Torres and Adu at the same time to see if their creativity and spacing can spark some life into our squad.

Either way, we’ve got a huge pyramid to climb to compete with Egypt. Hopefully the guys just show some heart.


9 Responses

  1. According to Jen Chang’s pregame blog, Bradley doesn’t plan on making any drastic changes. Why? Nobody knows. We need at the very least 3 goals, and haven”t gotten one in the run of play so far, but the same guys will surely come through now! That’s Bobocop’s logic, anyway. I am so sick of this. He needs to go.

    • I’ll be pretty disappointed if we don’t see guys like Adu, Davies, and Torres get looks in the starting lineup.

      In fact, if we see Dempsey and\or Beasley in this game, it may be the last straw with some of the media – meaning we might start seeing some serious questioning of Bradley’s competence.

      We can only hope I guess.

  2. Oh man, was I wrong! I still don’t think Bobo knows what he’s doing, but what a stroke of luck for the US!!!! Dempsey came through with a better (but now complete) performance, Bradley and Donovan put in their normal solid 90 minutes (except Bradley actually finished today), and Davies looked great! What a great day!!

    • It’s a great thing to be wrong sometimes, eh? There’s plenty to harp on about the performance, but we got what we were looking for – a display of pure heart and determination.

  3. Oops, typo! That should read “Dempsey came through with a better (but NOT complete) performance.”

    I agree, this team showed heart and effort that I haven’t seen in a very long time. It was even better than last year’s draw with Argentina, I think. Granted, Egypt played pretty crappy, but we exploited that and took advantage of it, whereas we usually just try to win free kicks in dangerous positions and penalty kicks.

  4. I think the whole “try to win free kicks” thing went away with the introduction of an Altidore\Davies pairing. Neither wants to back down on players and would rather use their technical and physical gifts to get after the ball and attack.

    Ching settles for “posting up” and looking for fouls because he’s limited to doing that by his talents and physical attributes.

    I think we need to give up the whole “target” striker notion and work on this fabulous pairing of speed and skill.

  5. I 100% agree with you! I like Ching, and he’s great against lesser competition, but that’s exactly the problem. We need someone who’ll be effective against the best teams in the world, and as we saw a glimpse of today, Davies/Altidore can provide that. I think in a few years, when Jozy can get some more playing time in Europe and develop his game, this will be a dynamic duo. Hopefully Davies can get a transfer to a better league soon, too. No offense to the Swedes, but the league is just not top notch. I think he would be successful in the Dutch league or the English Championship, and maybe as he gets better, in the Premiership.

  6. I would bet on Charlie ending up in Holland or France sooner, rather than later. He’s got some teams that are infatuated with his speed and finishing.
    Getting to a good club (like Ajax, hopefully) would mean a high level of coaching and development for him. What’s good about Davies is that he’s got a very steep learning curve still.

    As for Jozy, his time is fast approaching for someone in Europe. The whole Xerez team was just a disaster – and none of it was his fault.

    With Pellegrini’s departure, I wouldn’t be surprised if Villareal looks to off-load some of the elder players (Nihat, Guille Franco, Llorente, etc) and build around their young guns like Jozy and Rossi (or they might sell Rossi for a high price and get some good young pieces in place too).

    Either way, people shouldn’t get too worried about Jozy at the club level.

  7. That would be great for Charlie if he could get wind up in a good league like that. Maybe he’ll end up with Boca at Rennes.

    As for Jozy:

    I certainly hope he gets some time SOMEWHERE (whether Villareal loans him out again or actually starts playing him), because he’s not improving riding the bench in Spain. I’d really rather have him actually playing in the MLS than not seeing any action in Europe.

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