30 named to Gold Cup pool

Greg Seltzer broke the news that CONCACAF has released the preliminary USA roster for the Gold Cup.

Here it is:

GK: Brad Guzan, Marcus Hahnemann, Troy Perkins, Luis Robles

D: Jonathan Bornstein, Danny Califf, Steve Cherundolo, Jay DeMerit, Clarence Goodson, Eric Lichaj, Chad Marshall, Michael Orozco, Michael Parkhurst, Heath Pearce, Marvell Wynne

M: Freddy Adu, Davy Arnaud, Ricardo Clark, Benny Feilhaber, Eddie Gaven, Stuart Holden, Pablo Mastroeni, Robbie Rogers, John Thorrington, Jose Francisco Torres, Jeremiah White

F: Jozy Altidore, Conor Casey, Kenny Cooper, Charlie Davies

So, who’s missing? Donovan, Gooch, Boca, Spector, Dempsey, Beasley, Mikey, Ching, Hejduk, etc. Cherundolo is in, with hopes that he gets healthy enough to play (he’s been injured for a few months now).

I believe you can only take 23 players to the Gold Cup, so I would expect 1 keeper and 6 field players to get dropped, and my guesses would be: Robles (gk), Parkhurst, Goodson, DeMerit, Mastroeni, Arnaud, and Gaven. A lot depends on what deals Bradley has with MLS clubs and their players availability (because the MLS plays on FIFA international dates).

With that said (and those names to go home are obviously just a guess, probably a weak one at that), here’s the lineup I’d like to see at the Gold Cup:

Altidore              Davies

Adu                                               White

Torres    Feilhaber

Pearce                                        Cherundolo

Lichaj       Califf


A straight 4-4-2 with Freddy Adu and Jeremiah White on the wings. White actually may be the only pure winger in the entire national team setup. I would also love to see us play a game without a defensive midfielder sitting deep, instead using 2 quality passers in the middle like Torres and Feilhaber.

I can’t wait for this actually, because I want to see what some of these guys can do without Donovan, Dempsey, or Ching on the field.


10 Responses

  1. It’s interesting to see him changing the roster completely. But why? It doesn’t make sense. I understand needing to get some new blood in the line-up, I understand changing things around, but it does not call for a wholesale switch. The Gold Cup should be a chance for the team to practice together.

    Unless Donovan, Dempsey, Howard, Onweyu are really going to be left out of the 2010 World Cup Roster this ridiculous. These players need practice playing with each other and with any young blood coming onto the roster.

  2. Well, I think the sentiment is that those players need some time off this summer. We chose to make the Confederations Cup a priority over the Gold Cup, though unfortunately we’ve failed pretty miserably so far in South Africa.

    As such, we’re sending most of our starters back to their homes for the month of July to rest before we head to Azteca in August for the showdown with Mexico.

    I think the Gold Cup is going to be a good chance to see what our boys Adu, Torres, Feilhaber, and Altidore can do on their own, rather than watching Donovan or Dempsey try to win games on their own.

    Also, this roster was likely sent in well before the Confederations Cup, so guys like Cherundolo (injury), Mastroeni (injury), etc. might get left off and other players brought in (hopefully Zak Whitbread). Also, if Bocanegra isn’t fit for the game tomorrow, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were brought to the Gold Cup to get some playing time.

  3. My only worry is that Sacha Kljestan wasn’t included because Bradley thought him as a lock already for the first team. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even want Sacha on our B team but if thats how Bradlay thinks of him, thats scary.

    • I’d be shocked if he’s included, if only because I’d bet on Bradley having an agreement with Preki over Kljestan (and possibly Bornstein too) and his availability for both tournaments.

      Bradley, unfortunately, has to work around MLS coaches’ demands and their teams’ schedules.

  4. I am shocked yet pleased Cooper is on there, Donovan and Dempsey show no heart out there, give someone else a chance to play.

    • Hopefully Cooper gets a decent run-out, and hopefully he’s not expected to be Brian McBride in style. It’d be nice to get a big body that’s willing to turn and attack defenders.

  5. Do you feel Brian Ching is a first teamer? I mean why is he included with players like Dempsey and Donovan in the same sentence like he is as good as them? What scares me the most is that people think Brian Ching is good enough to play International soccer.

    • I don’t think Ching should be anywhere near our national team. But, Bradley is trying to fit players to his preferred system, rather than adapting to his best talents – hence we get Brian Ching instead of Charlie Davies or Kenny Cooper.

      You’ll see throughout my blogging that I’m no fan of Brian Ching’s inclusion in Bradley’s squads.

  6. Because we all know how great the USMNT is with Ching, Beasly, and Landycakes on the field, right?

    You make me lol oh so hard.

    • I’m not sure whether this comment is aimed at my piece or another comment?

      I certainly don’t have any misconceptions about the quality of the USMNT with those 3 on the field.

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