USA v. Egypt – Game Day

I’ll try to keep this updated through the day, including a periodic update on the US team’s display against the Pharaohs.

Interestingly, Mohammed Zidan is not available for Egypt today, which should give the Americans some hope of containing the Egypt attack.

I’m a bit worried that Bradley will shy from changes, thinking that his “favorite” lineup might be better suited to a win.

Here’s what I’d like to see on the field today, though it’s highly doubtful to occur:

Altidore              Davies


Torres                      Feilhaber


Pearce                                                 Spector

DeMerit      Onyewu


I’m not convinced that Bocanegra is healthy, or else I’d obviously have him in there. In fact, even if he is getting healthy, why risk him?


1:00pm – Starting Lineups are out:

Altidore       Davies

Donovan                            Dempsey

Bradley   Clark

Bornstein                              Spector

DeMerit   Onyewu




I’m not too happy with the lineup choices. On the one hand, Bradley wants to “keep things the same” with Dempsey\Donovan\Clark\Bradley, but he drops Howard in favor of Guzan? Count me among the fans that thinks that makes ZERO sense.

Guzan, in my opinion, is a fairly overrated keeper at this point in time, and I don’t feel comfortable at all with him in goal. He’s a suspect distributor of the ball and timid on crosses. Unfortunately, the move to Aston Villa seems to have given him a bit of undue hype.

I love the inclusion of Davies (shocking for me, I know), but where are Adu and Torres? It’s amazing that Bradley continues to leave them stranded on the bench, when the US could desperately use some ball control and creativity in the middle of the field.

Let’s just hope we show some fight and heart today.


16th minute

No width. No width. No width.

Everyone is playing through the middle today, as Landycakes and Deuce seem to be allergic to the sidelines. It’s going to cost us eventually.


21st minute – GOAL!!!!!!



34th minute

Our spacing is still weak and the discipline of Donovan and Dempsey is nonexistant. They are leaving Spector and Bornstein out to dry on the wings right now and it’s killing us when Egypt moves forward.

Rico Clark is really struggling to hold shape and cover his territory.



Charlie Davies has been magnificent.

But, we’ve still got some issues if we’re going to either score more or hold out for a 1-0 win.

Clint Dempsey absolutely has to be benched. He’s actively hurting us. Hopefully he goes in favor of Adu or Torres or Feilhaber.

Bradley CANNOT get conservative and take off a striker.

Rico Clark might need to come off for Feilhaber, because Clark’s positioning is really bad right now. At least we could define some roles a bit better by leaving Bradley deep and moving Feilhaber to the right and Dempsey to the left?

Ideally, we’d sub Dempsey and Clark.


63rd minute

Mikey!!! And the miracle is still on!


71st minute

wow. Dempsey, the current whipping boy, scores to put us up 3-0. WOW.



81st minute

Conor Casey coming on, as Coach Bradley is actively trying to lose the game. Great.




Next up, Spain on Wednesday.


2 Responses

  1. congrats,your national team really did well,and you really deserved the 3 points,maybe you performance in the first two matches wasn’t that great as it was today,but you were so great today that it made you worthy of the second qualifying seat to the semis with brazil.
    good luck with spain,coz you really gonna need it 😉

    • Ahmed,
      Thanks for the well wishes.

      In all honesty, I’m quite shocked by our display of toughness and heart.

      The Pharaohs were playing well and riding high after a quality win over Italy, so I expected very little from my team today.

      Congratulations on a fine showing for your boys. Hopefully they can get some momentum in World Cup Qualifying and make it back to South Africa for 2010.


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