Oguchi Onyewu to….Turkey?


It appears as though Oguchi Onyewu has a new club – Fenerbahce.

SkySports is reporting that Onyewu turned down Birmingham’s offer to play for Fenerbahce, a former Champions League side and Turkish contender.

Apparently that stay was short-lived and Fenerbahce hired German coach Christoph Daum, a former manager of Fener. He won consecutive titles in 2004 and 2005 with the Turkish team.

Onyewu would be playing for a team that has a good shot at winning the Turkish League and the Europa League (and likely playing in the Champions League following WC 2010) – but with a far superior salary than the one he’d have back in Belgium.

Turkey, while not the most glamorous league, is a good one that is notorious for paying its players well and taking fantastic care of them.

It’ll be nice to see an American taking part in what is one of the single greatest rivalries in the world – Fenerbahce v. Galatasaray.


6 Responses

  1. Hello,

    I am new to your blog and I don’t typically click on people’s blog links when they post it on espn.com but thought I’d check it out and it’s pretty good, be sure to check mine out.

    Anyhow onto Onyewu. I don’t understand you and many other critics of the Turkish League. It is not a bad league and the talent in Turkey is there, they are a tough bunch and I would like to know if you’ve ever played against the Turkish in football, whether it be in schoolyard or even competitively in a real match.

    I spent five years in Germany and I found them to be amongst the toughest players I’ve ever played against. Including Germans, but the upside to the Germans that the Turks don’t have is teamwork. They can’t stop fighting with one another.

    As soon as they go a goal down they stay down. But in Euro 08 I was surprised and I was surprised in 02 by their team efforts. But I don’t know why there’s suck a downer on their league.

    I’ve read other poeple’s opinion about the Turkcell and people put it just above the MLS! Is the league that bad? There’s no way! Please inform me thanks.

  2. I have nothing against the Turkish Super League and think it’s one of the more underrated ones in the world. I just said it wasn’t the most “glamorous” move, meaning he’s not going to get the publicity for it that most American fans would like.

    I think it’s a great move for him because he’ll be set for life. Turkish teams take care of their players.

  3. Ryan,

    Thanks for the response, and I see what you said now. I suppose I’d like to know why the Turkish League, in your opinion, seems to get a bad rap?

    I don’t know why American all believe that our players need to be playing in the EPL, Bundesliga, or the La Liga. I found a an article about two years back where a lot of Carribean soccer players would go to Norway, Finland or Sweden and try to play there so that they could springboard themselves over to the EPL or bigger leagues. This to me sounds like a good plan. But it seems like a lot of our players who go over seas are looking for a “Hail-Mary touchdown pass” on their first go because if they don’t go to a “big” league then they should just come home. Why? Perhaps you could run an article?



  4. Thanks for the idea Jerry, it’ll definitely be something I write about in the near future.

    As for a few answers – the American perception is that we need to be good and we need to be good now. So seeing someone go to a lesser league automatically makes a general US fan think the player isn’t good and won’t make it.

    Unfortunately. it is just a product of our culture.

  5. We would like to see Onyewu in Fenerbahçe.

    Republic Of Fenerbahce is a fantastic club.Onyewu is a good defender.

  6. wE Wanna see Onyewu udner Fenerbahce jersey.we al wait for u…see u in istanbul

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