Bad news – we don’t like this ref

This just came from the USMNT Official Blog:

Running the middle today is Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda. Name sound familiar?

Does 1-1 draw and three red cards in the World Cup ring a bell? Mr. Larrionda, who also did the France-Portugal semifinal in Germany, officiated the USA’s tie against Italy in which he issued four yellows and three red cards. Seeing straight red on June 17, 2006, in Kaiserslautern were Daniel de Rossi and Pablo Mastroeni, while Eddie Pope was handed two yellow cards.

Also part of the crew tonight is fourth official Coffi Codjia, who served in the same capacity in the USA-Brazil game last week and signalled to the referee that Sacha Kljestan deserved to be sent off.

That’s right, we’ve got the same ref that sent off 3 guys in the 2006 Italy game. Not a good sign early this morning.

Here is some light reading to prep you for the game:

I’ll be back to post lineups as soon as they hit the internet.


2 Responses

  1. Well, I’m a firm believer that the USA has allowed others to control their fate in games due to reckless, ill-timed tackles. It sucks that we are punished in what appears to be a disproportionately negative fashion; however, some of our tackles (most recently – Clark’s vs. Italy) were just really poor decisions.

    This is a test of whether the USA can stay disciplined on the ball, retain control and possession, and play smart. Ninja-kicking a player in the knee after you tried to dribble around the better part of their midfield just isn’t wise.

    You know who is/was the worst: the ref from Jamaica? in WCQ who always called cards against us, including that invisible hand ball PK @ Costa Rica. I can see his face right now – just forgot his name. Terrible dude.

  2. Kljestan’s tackle was worse than Rico’s. Rico definitely deserved a yellow but I don’t see the “karate kick.” In fact it looked to me like he tried to pull it back. We’ve seen Rico try to hurt people and that definitely wasn’t it.

    The ref lived up to his reputation as Bradley got victimized today, what a terrible call.

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