USA v. Spain

Lineup for the US:

Altidore  Davies

Donovan                            Dempsey

Bradley   Clark

Bocanegra        DeMerit  Onyewu       Spector



Lineup for Spain:

Torres   Villa

Riera                             Fabregas

Xavi     Xabi

Capdevila                              Ramos

Pique   Puyol




We have to be worried about Dempsey and Clark right now. Dempsey’s laziness is not going to do us much good against the hard-working Riera, and Clark’s lack of footspeed is going to get badly taken advantage of by the quick Spanish passing.



There’s only 1 Charlie Davies. Let’s hope Davies comes out playing like he did against Egypt. His speed could cause some problems for Pique and Puyol.



Hopefully we don’t have to suffer through any “Manny updates” during the game.


Game time prediction: 3-0 Spain. I just can’t see us stopping Torres and Villa.


8th minute

Who is this team? Wow we’ve started strong. Charlie Davies is EVERYWHERE


14th minute

Our fitness is going to be tested today. We’re working our butts off right now to keep this tight.


24th minute

Spain is forcing Bocanegra inside by moving Fabregas high, and it’s leaving tons of space for Ramos. Donovan has to start covering that right flank better.


27th minute

GOAL!!!!!!! 1-0 US!!!!!


31st minute

Spector and Onyewu are just killing every attack


44th minute

Onyewu and Spector ARE EVERYWHERE



A fine piece of skill from Jozy Altidore and the United States have taken a 1-0 lead into halftime against the World #1. What a first half!

I’m not sure we need any changes at half, but Rico Clark was starting to look more than a bit gassed. I wouldn’t mind seeing Feilhaber come in and calm everything down for us next to Bradley.


Will Vincente Del Bosque make any changes? I would expect David Silva to make an appearance in place of Riera, and maybe Santi Cazorla in for Capdevila.


Jozy to Fulham? There is a comment in the Daily Mail saying that Roy Hodgson wants to bring Jozy in on loan from Villareal for the upcoming season. That would be FANTASTIC!


63rd minute

Need to get Clark out for Feilhaber. He’s struggling to keep up.

We look determined to win balls, and that’s helping us win this game.


Maybe bring Feilhaber in for Dempsey?

Dempsey and Clark look gassed.


I’m an idiot. Great sub.


72nd minute

The backline for the US has been nothing short of world-class.


74th minute



77th minute

Thiago Mata in for Spain

The United States backline is easily putting in one of the best defensive performances of the year – anywhere.


81st minute

Bocanegra with a nice clearance. Our boys are putting in one hell of an effort.


83rd minute

Terrible sub by Bradley. We just don’t need Conor Casey in the game.


87th minute

Red card Michael Bradley. Terrible call by the ref. Just horrible. I hope we appeal that crap.


88th minute

Bornstein in for Dempsey. WTF move by Bradley again. Stupid change.


93rd minute

We’re holding on strong here. Oguchi Onyewu has been nothing short of the best player on the field. Just phenomenal.




5 Responses

  1. LD and more so Dempsey had better be ready and willing to defend for 90 minutes.

  2. A yellow card already. Hmm.

  3. Landy and Dempsey have actually made a conscious effort on the defensive end. I’m pleasantly surprised by this first half. Hopefully we can keep the intensity up and continue to put pressure on their back four. Our downfall will be if Bradley decides to make us pack it in. If we sit back and give Spain too much time on the ball they will pick us apart. I think we’re better off continuing the attack and disruptin Spain before they get near the 18 where the slide through those sneaky passes to Torres and Villa.

  4. The lads played with total heart. The team defense was impressive. Still need some maturity to hold the ball when needed, but all in all an impressive victory over the world #1 team.

  5. DeMerit and Donovan…Players of the Match. That was the most movement up front then I have seen from a US team for years. Add a world class defense and we just beat the #1 Team in the World…….on Prime Time in Europe and on ESPN in the US……OMG!

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