FIFA investigating Michael Bradley

According to Grant Wahl over at Sports Illustrated, FIFA are investigating the alleged confrontation between Michael Bradley and referee Jorge Larrionda.

FIFA has commented that they are investigating:

“FIFA is looking into the matter and cross-checking all available evidence,” Maingot wrote to in an e-mail message. “Therefore, for the moment, we are not in a position to confirm the nature of the incident.”

“A decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee concerning a possible additional match suspension might come in a couple of days,” Maingot wrote.

As tight a ship as Bob Bradley runs, I have a hard time believing that he allowed one of his players, let alone his son, get into an altercation with the ref.

However, given how awful that red card was, does anyone blame Mikey if he did give the ref an earful?

If FIFA does find any wrong-doing, Bradley will likely get a 3-4 game suspension, which would be fine – he’s not on the Gold Cup roster anyways. The suspension would apply toward the Gold Cup matches, and Bradley would be good to go for the August trip to Azteca.


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