USA v. Honduras – Who should start? (Feilhaber included!)

After a walk through the park – or turf – it’s time for a stiffer test. The United States is set to take on World Cup hopeful Honduras, Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

The news of the day is that Benny Feilhaber has been brought in, which should mean he’ll be immediately included in the starting lineup. I wasn’t very impressed with Logan Pause, so I could see him getting the drop in favor of Benny.

As always, I’ll give you what I hope we see (realistically) and what we should expect to see.

My Team:


Rogers                        Adu                       Quaranta

Feilhaber        Holden

Pearce                                                 Cherundolo

Goodson   Marshall



What we should expect:


Rogers                  Adu                 Holden

Feilhaber   Beckerman

Pearce                                               Cherundolo

Parkhurst   Marshall



I’d like to see what Holden and Feilhaber can do as a midfield partnership, with 2 true wingers in Rogers and Quaranta.

I’m not a fan of Parkhurst’s on the international level, so I’d rather see Goodson maintain his starting spot in front of Parkhurst.

For those wondering about Jimmy Conrad – he appears to have a hamstring injury that will keep him from playing.


3 Responses

  1. I’m fine with either of the above, but I would like to see Cooper incorporated somehow. Maybe he subs on in the 2nd half or something. Same with Quaranta. I’d like to see him start in front of the home fans, or at least come on with a lot of time left in the game, like Brad Evans. This is a guy who can make a difference, and has the skills and heart to do so on a big stage like this, unlike any of the subs the other day (Arnaud was awful, Parkhurst is a CB and spent the game walking around for lack of anything else to do, and Evans made some nice crosses, but essentially isn’t USMNT quality, IMO). Beckerman did pretty well, but with Feilhaber in, I don’t see a place for him in this lineup. Maybe he comes in late when we’re trying to hold a lead and Adu, Rogers, or Holden need some rest.

    Though if the US does decide to go with your lineup, which would be a pleasant surprise, I’d rather see Holden moved up a bit- sort of like a 4-1-1-3-1, I suppose. Or like the 4-1-4-1 we saw the the Confed Cup from Spain.

  2. I like Holden out wide. Feilhaber is a welcome addition to replace Pause. Beckerman seemed to be all over the place and I am a little worried he will disrupt Feilhaber’s flowing play. I would like to see Evans along side Feilhaber. We really dont have a quality withdrawing midfielder on this team and maybe we don’t need one in this tourney.

  3. Hope to see Adu having a good game tonight.

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