USA v. Haiti – Who Should Start?

I think the first person to roll of everyone’s tongues will be “Kenny Cooper”.

I agree.

It’s time for the big man to get a shot, and hopefully prove himself worthy of a start in the quarterfinals. In 5 minutes of playing time against Honduras, Cooper looked like someone just itching to get playing time. He launched a brilliant one-time strike and had a few other looks at goal.

Against a weak Haiti side, Cooper should have the ability and motivation to run rampant.

That being said – who should start with him?

I’ll give you what I’d like to see, but I won’t make any guesses. This match is worth very little, so Bradley could go a multitude of ways.

A quick note – Ching won’t play because the game is on turf. It sounds like he and the staff have real aversion to him seeing any time on a turf pitch. Also, Conrad and Goodson are unlikely to play due to injury.

Here’s what I’d like to see on the field (assuming Davies doesn’t end up in France in the next 24 hrs):

Cooper   Davies

Clark                                   Quaranta

Cronin  Holden

Heaps                                                       Dolo

Parkhurst   Marshall



I’m definitely interested in seeing Robles, Clark, and Cooper.

I wouldn’t mind if we rest Davies, but if he is heading to France soon then I’d like him to get one more run-out.

One of Pearce and Cherundolo are probably going to get a rest, but Cherundolo is the captain and he’ll likely stay in.

Holden deserves another game, and so does Quaranta.

What do you think?

Who would you like to see?


3 Responses

  1. I’m fine with your lineup. Davies probably gone very soon.

    As a team we came out very flat in the first vs. Honduras. You could make the case that Haiti outplayed Honduras in their match, so I would be disappointed if we rested and not came out for a win.

    I’m suprised that 8 teams advance out of the group stage. Why not just have six and give the top 2 (based on GD) a first rd. bye.

  2. I’m just hoping that Bradley doesn’t stick Holden out wide. I want to see what he can do in the middle of the park. I know he’ll be trying out new things but I’d love to see a Beckerman Holden combination.

  3. Clark on the wing? He is a midfield destroyer, not an attacking winger. Holden’s best chance of making the starting lineup of the A team is as a winger, so why not play him there. Haiti is a team we should dominate, so resting Benny and Davies (if they are still with the team) makes sense, but I sure hope they are there if we misfire again.
    I want to see Cooper all game, and I hope (note above weak opponent) that he dominates and scores/sets up multiple goals or we may see BB go back to Ching.

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