Check these two links out

First, ESPN’s “Power Rankings” of the US player pool.

Then, Yanks-Abroad’s “23 Tickets to South Africa” piece.
Ignoring ESPN’s theft of the idea, I’d like to hear what some of you think about our current player pool?

While I like how both sites (and SBI will reportedly do a WC Selection article this week too) did a full-on Player Pool assessment, I figured I would add on to my earlier “Left Back Crisis” post and assess each individual position (well, the basics like Right Back, Central mid, Wings left and right, and forwards) and give  a good run down of the probables, possibles, and dark horses at each slot.

For now, what do YOU think about the above rankings?


2 Responses

  1. No to Frankie Hejduk on the world cup team. He just has such little skill and technique. I am not sold on Bocanegra as a centerback. To slot Bocanegra out left is probably the best option we currently have. I do not want to see Brian Ching on the world cup team. Why is it that we need to have a target striker? we have no real wingers that can cross a good ball, so what is the point of Ching and his aerial prescence/physicality? I like a midfield of either Bradley and Jones or Bradley and Torres. At this point how can we go away from the combination up top of Davies and Altidore. Those two offer us something we have been lacking, forwards with the ability to create a goal by themselves. If we are to improve it is time to get away from long balls up to target forwards and relying on set pieces. I apologize for the long winded rant.

    • If your going to put in a midfielder like Torres why not just use Feilhaber? Seems to be much more proven and looked fantastic against Brazil until Bradley pulled him for reasons I don’t understand. Other than that I completely agree with your post and I would like to see a good bit more of Torres just to see what he can bring to the table against world class opposition. Altidore and Davies is the only option in my opinion. They looked so dangerous against Egypt, Brazil, and Spain so why should we go away from it. I’ll make a deal with Bradley, Ching can come as long as he leaves Conor Casey in the States. Think he’d go for that?

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