Kenny Cooper to Bristol City?

Not yet, but it appears the Bristol City coach is keen on bringing in Mr. Cooper. With Cooper not needing a work permit, Bristol would have no problem bringing him over immediately for preseason training.

Bristol City finished 10th in the Coca-Cola Championship last season, scoring 54 goals in the process. 10 of those goals were scored by target-man Dele Adebola, who has moved on and signed with Nottingham Forest.

Former MLS and Trinidad & Tobago star Stern John is currently with Bristol City as well.


2 Responses

  1. I’m down with a move like this if it were to happen but I hope they don’t look at him as a replacement for their target-man. We’ve already discussed that, right? KC is no target man.

  2. Haha, just because he’d be replacing him doesn’t mean he’d turn into a “target” player.

    I think there is also some disconnect on the actual definition of target striker.

    Cooper doesn’t turn his back to goal and play well that way, so he’s not a Brian McBride or Brian Ching type of target.

    But, Cooper is a good target in the box and a high-quality finisher.

    He’d do quite well for Bristol.

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