USA v. Panama – Game Thread

The lineup just came out:

Arnaud   Ching

Rogers                                   Holden

Beckerman  Pause

Pearce                                         Heaps

Conrad   Marshall



Jay Heaps? Really? 32, not a candidate for any WC squad, and got absolutely abused by a poor Haiti side – that’s who we decide to use at right back?

For those tracking the player ratings, this means Coach Bradley starts out at a 3 – not a good start.


I’m not thrilled about seeing Logan Pause again. He was extremely timid in his first 2 games, and generally brought nothing positive to the team.

Sam Cronin deserved the start.

Another strike against Bob Bradley.


Prediction #1: Arnaud does a lot of running, prompting quite a strong reaction against Kenny Cooper. Ching will probably lose the ball in some manner, only to have it lead to a goal, which will further the cries of  “See!! Ching was involved in yet another goal!! He belongs!!”  from certain media outlets.


Prediction #2: Pause is going to look slow. Really slow. He played scared against Honduras and Grenada, so I don’t expect much different tonight.


Prediction #3: Heaps. That’s all I’m sayin’ about that.


According to the USMNT Blog, the 18 available players are all dressed and on the bench.

Bench: Robles, Goodson, Evans, Cronin, Clark, Quaranta, Cooper


Panama just scored a goal in stoppage time of the first half, as USA finishes off an incredibly weak showing in the half. No passing, no shape, no discipline – just long balls up the field to a fairly weak target forward.


Beckerman takes advantage of a poor defensive clearance from Panama and drills home a goal. 1-1


Full time, 1-1.

Beckerman had a nice volley for a goal, but other than that there was not much good in the half.

Chad Marshall and Clarence Goodson have been solid at the back, but Panama has resorted to “long ball” in the 2nd half, playing for extra time.

Heaps hasn’t been abysmal today, which is a step up. However, he’s still clearly out of his depth.

Some are going to be happy with Rogers’ play, but I’m pretty unimpressed. A relatively poor right back has locked him down easily through the game. Why? Because Rogers only knows how to do 2 things: Run fast in a straight line and cross from behind his body. He just hasn’t improved at all in the 2-3 years we’ve been watching him.

Beckerman has been all over, but he plays very reckless and has no sense of keeping other players in their shape. Some good plays, but his touch is too poor for him to consistently perform.

Pause has been utterly invisible.

Cooper has looked good since he came on, especially since Panama can’t match up with both “big” strikers.


Cooper has been the most threatening US player by far since his inclusion, taking any small amount of space he’s given and getting shots on goal.

He made a nice play to get Holden the ball, and then got clobbered on the return ball in the box. Great 1-2 from them.

Well-struck PK from Cooper to make it 2-1 going into the 2nd OT.

By the way, that’s now 3 goals in 7 appearances (again, none of which have been full 90 minute appearances either).


3 Responses

  1. Arnaud was our best play maker in the second half and yet he was subbed for Cooper….for a Cooper/Ching front line? Huh?

    Holden has been ok while Rogers hasn’t really made anything work down the left – thus, Arnaud’s presence was even more important. So BB decides to ditch him for another target forward. Brilliant.

  2. Why wasn’t the third sub used earlier? Like, before it stopped mattering who was on the field? Bradley should have taken Rogers out for Quaranta at the end of 90. Terrible coaching. I give him a 1.5 (because he made the right call with Cooper).

  3. Utterly frustrating game from the US. I agree with Mike. Rogers should have been out of there earlier, in fact.

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