Livorno interested in Donovan, Rico Clark?

According to Greg Seltzer over at NSC, Livorno are past the “hello stage” in their efforts to sign USMNT members Landon Donovan and Ricardo Clark.

Would this be a good move? Absolutely, on both counts. Donovan’s speed would be wonderful for the newly-promoted Italians, who will need all the speed they can get for the upcoming Serie A season.

Clark needs to move somewhere that will not only force him to face better competition, but will help his technical abilities improve. Over the past few years, Clark’s defensive range has grown quite a bit, but his offensive techniques still need quite a bit of work. With a cannon for a right foot, he’s got the potential to be a weapon in the final third, but his touch, vision, and decision-making need to catch up. Playing for a Serie A side would definitely help in every regard.


One Response

  1. Nice… playing in Serie A would only help them both improve their games. Unfortunately, they would both be playing in Serie B in 2010-11 most likely.

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