USA v. Honduras – Gold Cup Semifinals

Stuart Holden leads the national side into the semfinals with Honduras after a stellar run of games in the Gold Cup. Can he keep it up?

The lineup for tonight:

Ching    Arnaud

Rogers                                   Holden

Beckerman  Pause

Pearce                                               Heaps

Marshall Goodson


No changes from the squad that beat Panama.

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One Response

  1. Any thoughts on why Pause keeps playing? He’s a waste of space on the field. It’s not that he’s a negative aspect, he just does not contribute anything to the game. He made one pass tonight. One. And it was off the mark.

    I agree with you; if we MUST play with two holding mids, let’s see Cronin! If not, why can’t we do a diamond:


    With Cooper and Ching up top? Arnaud looked pretty useless tonight, and Ching, Cooper, and Holden had some good chemistry there at the end (epitomized by the VERY classy goal). I thought Tino looked good as a sub, providing some good defense and offense. As well as some beautiful crosses and set pieces, as always. The back four looked great tonight, as did Perkins. I’m thinking that if we win this tournament, he has to be a candidate for MVP (or whatever award they give out at this tournament).

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