USA v. Mexico – The Final

The lineup is the same for the US:

Arnaud     Ching

Rogers                                   Holden

Pause   Beckerman

Pearce                                               Heaps

Goodson   Marshall


I understand that Bradley prefers to go with what got him there, but he needs to have a quick trigger on a few players if they don’t show up, particularly Arnaud, Pause, and Rogers.


Are there really people that think we played well against Honduras?

I don’t buy that at all.


All the resources that ESPN has, and that Sutcliffe guy is the best they can do for interviews and reporting?

Wow, terrible.


Seriously, this Sutcliffe guy is scaring me and my dogs.


How does ESPN always get the formations wrong?

Holden up top, Rogers on the right? Come on ESPN, you’re better than that.



I wish FSC would stop being cheap and get high-def.



Typical low pressure, conservative soccer from the US so far. I really wish we would utilize Arnaud’s work-rate and have him play high-pressure for the first 20 minutes. We’re letting Mexico have too much time on the ball.



I wish I had Univision so I wouldn’t have to listen to Bretos and Sullivan. FSC is just so poor all the way around.



Someone needs to tell Pause and Beckerman that neither of them is Paul Scholes. Play simple and stop trying for passes out of your range please.



Sullivan: “We’d like to see Rogers take some defenders on…”

Uhhh, no, we’d like to see Rogers do something other than run in a straight line with the ball.



Heaps with a rash challenge for a yellow. I disagree with the card, but he needs to not go to ground so quickly.



Aguirre has a good gameplan so far, pressuring out defenders into poor plays from the back.



Pause gets a yellow for shooting after the play ended.



Why is Max Bretos always yelling at me?



Beckerman and Pause have to be aware of the high midfielder behind the strikers. Neither of them seems to aware of runs in behind them.



It’s only a matter of time before Heaps gets toasted by Medina. Medina is taking him to the woodshed right now.


How many speakers do you think Max Bretos has blown out already? Christ, calm down dude.



Sullivan: “The US is outplaying Mexico.”

What? We are playing low pressure and they’re passing easily right now. We’re playing some decent defense and have made a few runs upfield, but Mexico is dominating possession right now.



I’m not sure what the commentators are going on about, but that wasn’t exactly a good half from the US. We stopped Mexico, yes, but they were skinning us clean on counters and possession play. The pressure and possession has to improve greatly in the 2nd half.


Max Bretos – worst commentator ever?



Has a Bob Bradley team ever done anything but long ball?

Marshall is struggling in this game.


PK GOAL. Torrado for Mexico.



Chad Marshall looks out of his league right now. He’s lost on the field.



Goal, Gio Dos Santos.

Chad Marshall and Jay Heaps look absolutely lost on the field.



The US defense has been blitzed the entire game, and Marshall and Heaps have been the main culprits. Poor positioning and decisions from them throughout.



Dos Santos has run circles around Marshall, and Carlos Vela’s introduction was a stroke of genius from Aguirre.


3 Responses

  1. Good call stopping in the 66th. Save yourself the agony.

  2. Bottom line US C-team gets completely outclassed by partial Mexican A/B-team. Carlos Vela changed the game giving the combination of Vela and Del Santos (both potentially World class players) against the US’s sketchy defense. All the players that have looked bad in previous games were opened up and exploited. Its as if the Mexican coaching staff had watched the films and the US staff ignored previous performances.

    The US tactics depend on overpowering their opponents, and the class of the Mexican team was too much. Taking the direct approach was not working as Ching continued to be ineffective, and provided Mexico with too much possession and goal scoring opportunities. Good thing the game was in the USA, otherwise it might have been 8-0.

    The big question is whether Bradley will learn anything from this. I kind of doubt it, he’ll just blame it all on the C-team, which is a mistake. Unlike the Confederations Cup where the raw talent on the US team rescued Bradley, the talent today wasn’t enough to make up for stale tactics.

  3. I just feel sorry for Perkins because he wasn’t really helped at all after the PK by the rest of the squad.

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