Kenny Cooper headed to Germany

FC Dallas has informed its season ticket-holders and the media that Kenny Cooper has been sold to 1860 Munich of the 2.Bundesliga in Germany.

The physical and tactical style of play in Germany  suits Cooper well, but it will also help him develop his strength on the ball and abilities in the air.

While 1860 Munich’s captain is a starting striker, it stands to reason that Cooper will step in as a starter alongside him. Munich’s coach is reportedly trying to get Cooper’s papers finished in time for their game next weekend against Koblenz. FC Dallas was supposedly holding out for a fairly high price and 1860 Munich’s financial situation is less-than-stellar, so it’s a good bet that Cooper is being brought in to be a main goal-scorer.

Hopefully Cooper will help lead this team to the first division.


3 Responses

  1. “The physical and tactical style of play in Germany suits Cooper well, but it will also help him develop his strength on the ball and abilities in the air.”

    This is a good move for Cooper but he developed in England , playing for Manchester United youth. If he didn’t develop his abilites in the air while playing in England I don’t see that they will develop any further in Germany.

    • Actually, he only spent 2 years in England, after he was somewhat developed as a player. Remember, Cooper just turned 24 and his spent most of his formative professional years (20-24) at FC Dallas.

      In his 2 years on Manchester United’s payroll, he spent half a season on loan at a small Portuguese side (where he played reserve games only) and then a season on loan at Oldham, making only 7 appearances as a 19 year old.

      In Germany, he’s going to be expected to be a traditional striker – score goals, play high. There will be none of the Bob Bradley “you must be a defender” and “you can only play with your back to goal” stuff that national team fans are used to. Cooper won’t be subjected to “kick ball” like he has been with the US sides he’s been a part of, but rather will see plenty of service from the wings and midfielders.

      This is definitely a good place for Cooper to get a foot in Europe (his youth forays into European pro ball aside) and start making his mark for what he is: a goalscorer.

      The 1860 Munich fans expect double-digits from him this season, and I think they’ll get it.

  2. I don’t know Cooper well enough to know exactly where he developed his skill set (though I did watch a lot of his dad’s teams) but I can tell you that 24 is pretty mature for any pro player, particularly a person who had a Cooper Sr. for a dad ( I would think he got some coaching from him). I remember some Arsenal coach once saying that Charlie George had developed all his skills by the time he was 13; he just needed to wait for his body to mature.

    In other words, playing in Germany will sharpen his skills but I don’t believe it will change him into Brian McBride. It’s possible he will develop more of an all around game but that depends on whether he and his coaches want to risk him losing that “goal touch” while becoming more versatile. It has been known to happen. Cooper uses his size and strength to protect the ball and to get him into positions to shoot from. He is a Chinaglia type scorer and I don’t see him having a regular place in the current US system, which is not geared that way. All Cooper does is score. He is probably a better predator than Jozy but Altidore offers more of a physical presence and quick strike, counter attacking capability .

    For now, I see Cooper as the second half specialist goalscorer substitute for the US; which is a very nice thing to have. For that reason alone, assuming things go well in Munich, I would take him to SA in place of Ching as I think only Jozy, Davies and one other forward will go.

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