Hull City chasing after Jozy?

Looks like Phil Brown wants to buy Jozy Altidore from Villareal.

After losing some of their better strikers from last season (or simply letting them go) – Marlon King, Manucho, Dean Windass – Phil Brown has been looking for cheap replacements for a squad that struggled to score in the later half of last season.

Currently, Brown’s strike force includes Daniel Cousin, Caleb Folan, and Craig Fagan. Cousin is a tall, physical striker that was bought from Glasgow Rangers last year. Folan is also a tall, target-type, though decidedly less effective than Cousin. Fagan is the speedster in the front line, often employed as a wing in a 1-striker set.

Would Jozy fit in well? Probably so. He’s got plenty more athleticism than Cousin or Folan at this stage, with Cousin aging and Folan never being an overwhelming athlete.

He could partner Cousin and receive good service from Geovanni, forming a pretty nice tandem for a smaller Premiership side.

More importantly, Hull City need strikers and would be able to offer him ample playing time across their competitions.


One Response

  1. Altidore was always destined to play in the EPL. He has all the attributes to perform well in that league.

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