USA v. Mexico – Game Thread

We’re just about 3 hours from kickoff and I’m starting to get a bit worried about the game. There seems to be a consensus prediction among the writers that Ching and Clark will start on very short rest, a move that to me says “We’re just here to not lose”, rather than “We’re going for the throat”. Hell, there are even some people thinking Cherundolo will get a start ahead of Spector!

Anyways, I’m sticking with my predicted lineup:

Davies     Altidore

Donovan                              Dempsey

Bradley   Feilhaber

Bocanegra                                                        Spector

DeMerit    Onyewu


Leave your predictions and thoughts in the comments section and I’ll post more after the jump during the game.

1:53 PM

Rumors flowing that Cherundolo is getting the nod ahead of Spector. Anyone else worried that we’ll now see Bornstein on the left-hand side?

Bradley deserves criticism if so, because he’s certainly messing with what worked in South Africa. Azteca or not, just put out your best team and don’t get in the way. Right now, I fear Bradley is getting in the way.


2:09 PM

Ching   Altidore

Donovan             Dempsey

Bradley   Clark

Bocanegra                                  Cherundolo

Gooch    DeMerit


I’m officially worried.

Cherundolo isn’t better than Spector and I’m afraid that decision may haunt us.

Ching over Altidore? Clark over Feilhaber? Bradley deserves some heat for these decisions. I just don’t buy that this is the best we can do in Azteca.

We’re playing for a draw. Expect TONS of long balls.


2:39 PM

I just can’t get over this  Cherundolo\Spector decision.

One is out of form, tiny, and not a particularly strong defender. The other is big, fundamentally sound on defense, and in-form.

Why make this decision? This just boggles my mind.


2:46 PM

Anyone else see the preview for Strikeforce’s Gina Carano v. Chris Cyborg? Scary, scary shit.


2:47 PM

Just turned to mun2 (say it with me – “mun dos”…catchy) to see Phil Schoen and Marcelo Balboa.

Phil Schoen = Epic FTW.

Marcelo Balboa = Epic FTL.


3:00 PM


Cherundolo fans are coming out of the woodwork on multiple sites to back his inclusion in the squad. I’m certainly not in that camp.


9th Minute

There’s only 1 CHARLIE DAVIES!!!!!!!!!!

1-0 USA!!!!!!


19th Minute:

Israel Castro scores a rocket for Mexico. 1-1.

We don’t pressure the ball AT ALL.



Pretty poor showing from the Americans altogether. No pressure on the ball and very little commitment to the game in general.

I think we need changes at half, namely Ching and Clark off for Altidore and Feilhaber.


Halftime thoughts:

  • Our wings have shown zero commitment to this game. Landon hit one nice pass and has since turned into Cristiano Ronaldo at his worst – all whining and very little effort. Dempsey just didn’t show up.
  • Cherundolo looks lost, but I’m not sure we can afford a defensive swap for Spector at this point.
  • Rico Clark is causing the US defense all kinds of problems because he’s just turning in circles at the speed of play from Mexico. When you see a slowpoke like Blanco with acres of space and ample time, you know a midfielder isn’t cutting it. Clark just looks bad.
  • Charlie Davies looks like he could be the best striker on the field, and possibly making a case for Top 2-3 in CONCACAF. Brian Ching is the opposite. He looks terribly slow, both in speed of foot and speed of play. He is fouling constantly and is killing every attack the Americans have.
  • We need to see Bradley affect this game by bringing in Feilhaber and Altidore for Ching and Clark. Feilhaber’s ability to control the ball is desperately needed, and Jozy’s fresh legs and willingness to attack the defense is needed too.


60th Minute

Holden on for Ching, Feilhaber on for Clark.

Holden does not belong on this field. Period.


2-1 is the Final in favor of El Tri.

Really, a poor, poor performance the Nats, led by the incompetent Coach Bradley.


12 Responses

  1. Apparently has Clark and Benny starting in the middle. But i’m not sure if thats the official lineup or a projection.

    • That’s a predicted lineup, not the official one. The official one usually comes out via the USMNT Blog (or Twitter) 1hr prior to kickoff.

  2. what channel is it on?

  3. Telemundo in Spanish
    mun2 in English

  4. this starting lineup is a travesty

  5. Dude, Cherundolo was the LEAST of our concerns today. I know you’re not a fan of his but having Spector in there would not have changed anything, IMO.

    • Agreed. If anything Boca was more of a concern today than Dolo.

      • Boca and our completely absent midfield.

        The USA should take page out of Mexico’s book and learn how a midfield UNIT moves the ball up the field and passes it around until something opens up.

        I’m so flipping tired of our joke of a midfield. M Bradley was basically our 5th center back today. Our back had NO ONE to pass the ball out of the box to. Apparently Davies is now a target forward?

        Dolo did fine relative to our overall performance as a team.

  6. Post match thoughts:
    -This team goes as far as Donovan and Dempsey can take us. Howard can only do so much.
    -Davies is the best US forward and is gonna be one of the best when its all said and done (still waiting for Altidore to emerge)
    -If BB insists on playing Ching, move him the CM he has no value as an offensive threat. I’ll take EJ over him.
    -This team can only get better with all the summer transfers to bigger clubs and the inclusion of defensice stalwart Jermaine Jones

    • I was thinking the same thing about EJ today! At least he has speed. Speed kills. What does Ching have? The ability to lumber up and down the field, occasionally receiving long passes but usually just sending them straight back to the opponent. Wowzers. That’s skill right there.

      If we had Jones today, we’d have possessed the ball a lot better, I think. Maybe the result would have been similar or the same, but at least we would have been able to sleep knowing that we were threatening.

      The ref certainly didn’t help our case, either…

  7. ESPN should stop caring about soccer. It’s embarrassing. The new SportsNation poll asked if the US would still qualify even though they lost this one game.

    Last I checked, we’re still sitting comfortably in second, with a couple home games left and very close to clinching qualification. This game meant almost nothing to us other than a statement, and it meant everything to Mexico. They NEEDED a result, we said “a draw would be nice, but let’s not expect anything.”

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