Here are the CONCACAF Qualifying Tables


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  1. Still is a good draw for the US. Two games at home which should end up being at least 4 points and probably six. I know Costa Rica is good, but the US top squad still hasn’t lost at home in ages. El Salavdor should be three points as well; though they played well in the second half yesterday, Trinidad should have had them down 3-0 after the first 45. And I love the Soca Warriors (my dad is from Trinidad) but I’d be shocked if the US didn’t pick up three points down there. With a little luck the US could walk out of those three games with nine points. Seven should be in the bank.

    Bottom line, the US should qualify and really, they shouldn’t have much difficulty doing it. They get the toughest team left on their schedule at home and one of their road games is against a bottom feeder. If they somehow miss qualifying, then Bradley should go down as one of the worst coaches in any sport in recent memory.

  2. Do you know where that Costa Rica game will be played?

    • I thought it was to be played at RFK, but then I was browsing today and the schedule says “Location: TBA”. Weird. Maybe I just heard a rumor or something, and it was never finalized?

  3. Soca warriors handed us a loss the last time we were in T&T, yes?

    • Yes, but we brought a B team, and it was still a very close game (I think we actually had the lead for a while, too). I would expect the full A squad will get a favorable result, whether it be a draw (which is respectable enough; T&T are nothing to sneeze at and they proved that by making the last World Cup) or the full three points.

      • As Kevin said, the US brought their B squad with little to play for while the Soca Warriors had everything on the line. They needed at least a point to sniff the Hexagonal and really needed three if they had any shot.

        Really though, the problem with T&T is that most of the team is still that same squad from ’06, which is now quite old. There’s one player on that squad who really should give the US any problems; Carlos Edwards. We’ll see what Zamora does when he joins the squad, but really, there’s a large gulf in class between the two sides. Especially since the Soca Warriors’ defense has a nasty habit of completely imploding in the second halves of these contests. I really would be surprised if they managed a point, let alone three.

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