Ligue 1, meet Charlie Davies…

With Sochaux trailing reigning champs Bordeaux 2-0 at halftime, the Sochaux manager turned to his secret weapon: newly-signed American Charlie Davies.

So what did Davies do in only his 2nd appearance for the squad? He kept Sochaux in the game with a pair of goals, only to see his chance at a hat trick saved well by the  Bordeaux keeper. Sochaux went on to lose 3-2 despite Charlie’s glistening 45 minutes, but the message was clear: There’s Only One Charlie Davies.

Ligue 1 is on notice now because Sochaux’s new weapon looks primed for a huge year.


(Davies first goal is at about the 2:30 mark)


4 Responses

  1. It should have been 3-3. Davies served one up to Sverkos on a golden platter, he just blew the chance.

    Brain McBride, watch your back, ChuckD is quickly evolving into a World Class forward.

  2. Now if only Bob Bradley could pair him with Jozy Altidore instead of Brian Ching maybe the U.S team would be able to score more than one goal a game.

    • Matt,

      Did you see the Confederations Cup? You should be able to find clips on you tube at the very least.

  3. Yeah, but Brian Ching was injured for that and so Davies and Altidore got to play together. Now, Bradley is back to his old ways of starting Ching.

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