Gyau, Renken heading to Germany

TSG Hoffenheim, last year’s surprise team in the German Bundesliga, have raided the US youth system for two of our most promising starlets – Joseph Gyau, 16, and Charles Renken, 15.

After discussions with a number of clubs, Gyau and Renken chose Hoffenheim. “The key to the decision made by the boys and their families is that Hoffenheim constructed an outstanding path for their development as players,” Segal said. “During their first year, they will be permitted to split time between Germany and Vancouver, where they will attend school and be trained to prepare for a full-time adjustment to Germany the following year.

I wrote about Gyau here, detailing him and his game. Hoffenheim have quite a bit of money to spend and appear to be intent on getting high-quality youth players into their burgeoning academy.

Charles Renken is one that I have not covered on this blog yet, but one that most avid US fans already know. With great quickness, speed, and individual skill, Renken is a wonderfully gifted soccer player at only 15. He’s been part of the US Youth setup since he was much younger and has continued to develop into the Bradenton starlet he is today. The comparisons to Freddy Adu are inevitable given their comparable size and African backgrounds, but Renken looks to be a more complete midfielder at this stage as opposed to Adu, who was mainly developing as a striker.


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