Freddy staying in Portugal…

It looks like the Freddy Adu transfer saga of 2009 has come to its conclusion with reports surfacing in Portugal that Adu has been loaned out to fellow Portuguese First Division side Belenenses, who currently sit 7th in the league table.

This looks to be a good move for Freddy, who should be in immediate consideration for a 1st team spot on a team that is 1-1-1 in their first 3 games this season.

So who could Freddy’s first opponent be? None other than the club that owns him – SL Benfica.

But wait, before you get giddy about the propect of Adu scoring against his former club, remember that it’s highly likely he won’t be allowed to dress against them. Almost every league in the world (save a few) has a rule forbidding players to play against the team that loaned them out during league play, therefor Freddy is most likely ineligible to face Benfica in the league this season.

(Update: It appears that the Portuguese league does NOT in fact have a rule preventing loaned-out players from competing against the club that owns them, so Freddy will be available against Benfica. Since he wasn’t called into the US squad for the international break, he will have almost 2 full weeks of training to prepare for the game.)

Update #2: From Steve Goff at The Washington Post“The coach really wants him; he made it happen,” a source said. “He’s going to play him.”


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