U20s v. Germany – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Just got around to catching the game after a full morning of sports. I haven’t read anything on the other blogs yet, so I don’t know if there are reasons why certain players played ahead of others.

Even though it was a demoralizing display, I think we’ve got some prospects with bright futures.

The Good:

  • Tony Taylor is a future stud. Boatloads of speed and appears to have a high skill level to go with it. He got almost no help today, though, and struggled to make an impact as a lone striker. The kid is looking for a European contract and someone will probably take a chance on the kid for his speed and work rate alone.
  • Jared Jeffrey is uber-talented. He’s not a great athlete, but he sees the whole field and has impressive passing range for someone so young. You can tell the difference between him and the college kids – his composure on the ball was worlds better than some of his teammates. He’s an eventual US starter down the road.
  • Mix Diskerud is impressive, if a bit awkward. Unfortunately, he didn’t get much support in the first half on his side from Ownby and Powers, and he ended up being responsible for a ton of space. Good player with a high skill level though. Let’s just hope we keep him as a Nat and he doesn’t decide to go back to the Norwegian setup.
  • Bryan Arguez should have started ahead of Powers. Arguez changed the game at halftime for the Nats by providing much needed composure in front of the defenders, as well as quality passing. Definitely a talent and, if he keeps his head on straight, another surefire Nat starter in the future.

The Bad

  • Ike Opara was terrible. With the US being hyped as a defensive team, it was surprising to see just how bad their most-hyped defender is. Opara struggled all game with poor positioning and awful timing. He’s a good athlete and seems to have decent skill on the ball, but his tackling, timing, and positioning are all woeful. He’s supposedly going to be the 1st pick in the MLS college draft this year?
  • Gale Agbossoumonde wasn’t great, but then you realize that he’s only 17. He’s got plenty of size and athleticism for the position and seems to have a good sense for his position, but he’s definitely rough around the edges. He desperately needs to get into a professional setup and out of Miami. It’s doing him no good to train with the worst USL team. The quicker he makes it to a European program, the better.
  • Brek Shea is all hype. The kid does what he always does – shows you glimpses of talent followed by extended periods of loafing and invisibility. If a coach or training staff doesn’t instill some onfield work ethic in him soon, he’s going to be a waste of talent. Everything is entirely too casual for him on the pitch. I wish he played with half as much drive as Taylor or Ownby.
  • Brian Perk is a quality keeper. However, I don’t know how much of a future he has with the Nats. He’s very small and, worse, plays smaller. He was petrified of crosses against the Germans and seemed to have little command of his box. Great shot-stopper that appears to have great reflexes, as well as a cannon for a foot.

The Ugly

  • Dillon Powers was overmatched from the start. He couldn’t keep up with the speed of play, let alone the speed of the German mids. His passes were always off target and he didn’t show much to justify his starting spot.
  • Brian Ownby has plenty of speed and hustle. Unfortunately, he appears to have little else. His work ethic is good and the kid was a nuisance to the Germans down his flank, but his lack of skill kept him from being any kind of threat in the offensive half. I’m fairly shocked he started, and even more shocked he wasn’t subbed out.
  • Jorge Flores looked well out of place. Maybe it was because he’s not really a defender, or maybe it’s because he looked overwhelmed by the speed of play. Either way, he struggled after taking over for Kyle Davies.

I’m pretty unhappy with the way this one was coached, as it didn’t seem like we had a gameplan at all. Rongen started some head-scratchers in Ownby and Power, and also made some interesting moves along the backline by playing Kyle Davies at LB and Gerson Mayen at RB.
I thought Duka and Arguez were useful in their time, so I hope to see them get starts in the next game.


6 Responses

  1. not really sure what Flores was doing on the Right Back.

  2. I ment on the Left Back

  3. Jeffrey looks to have some real talent. His vision and ability to pass the ball was impressive for a kid his age. If you are a young up and coming kid just go to Europe, do not even bother with college or MLS.

  4. From one U-20 game it becomes infinitely obvious that the kids from Europe are light years ahead of our kids still at home. I’m not here to compare MLS to Euro leagues, but our youth development is shite compared with that in Europe.

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