Sadly, my computer has died…

My screen on the laptop has completely gone dead, so I am writing this briefly from the better half’s laptop. I watched the game and was stunned by Conor Casey’s brace and Donovan’s unlikely free kick strike.

If I have a working monitor tomorrow, I’ll post a write-up. If not, it may be a few days.


3 Responses

  1. Wow! My heart is still in my throat. What a game. Take that win and qualification anyday. Thought this game was fairly well played with good stretches of possession and good finishing. That being said, I know the D was under alot of pressure in the last 15 mins but we looked pretty shaky in the back. Thought Timmy played fairly timid and could have done better on some of those dangerous crosses. Would have liked to see a more offensive central midfield pairing, especially in the first half, when the pressure starts coming is when the defensive sub is made. Still question Bobs decision making skills, but we qualified so… Now we need to get the win vs. CR at home and start the new year with some momentum, we have time to tweak things and we def need to as we will not get far next summer playing the way we played the last round of qualifying. Not trying to be negative, especially after this game, just stating the obvious. Also, really liked the blue kit, very nice.

  2. I, too, was impressed with the play of the match. I like the agressive play without the silly grabbing fouls. They looked like they wanted to score through out the match and the defense towards the end were thinking more about the victory and less about defending. I agree Howard did not play his best towards the end but all in all a great effort that showed a great result! We could use a little luck every so often…(missed pk)

  3. awesome site! I’m happy I stumbled here through my friend’s blog i’m going to definitely need to put this one on the morning routine…

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